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  • Affordable True Thermal Envelope Housing.

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True Thermal Envelope

  • Eliminates virtually all air infiltration
  • No thermal bridging
  • 60 – 80% energy use reduction

Build a Home in a Day.

With our factory-built modular component process you can enclose a home in a single day.

This is made possible because our technology is an interconnected foundation: wall + roof = complete building system

Affordable Green Housing.

With the cost savings that come with our system, it is now possible to build a true thermal envelope at a similar price to stick built!

Welcome to True Seal.

The Affordable Home of the Future – Today

True seal, an affordable thermal envelope home solution. Our technology allows us to build your home in a day (1,500 sq ft), at similar, if not better prices than stick built homes. Our homes reduce your energy footprint by 60 – 80%.  This is a game changer, using our technology you can have one of the best built homes on the market today, at the similar cost to that of a stick built home.


Would You Like a Home That Is…

  • Built/Enclosed In a Day

  • Creates a 60 – 80% Energy Use Reduction

  • Panels That Will Not Bow, Warp, Twist, or Delaminate

  • Highly Resistant to Fire, Wind, Mold, Termites And Rodents

  • Roofs That Can Hold Snow Loads in Excess of 20 ft

  • Withstands Hurricane Winds up to 173 mph

Game Changing Numbers…


energy use reduction


reduction in home air leakage


improvement over standard steel stud construction

See It In Action.

True Seal Technology.

Combines two common and proven materials:

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam

Recycled Cold Rolled Steel


improvement over standard steel stud construction

True Seal Tech Highlights .

True Thermal Envelope

Solution provides significant improvement in energy efficiency – protection against rising energy costs!

U. S. Department of Energy

Highest thermal wall rating of any tested

ENERGY STAR Five-Star-Plus rating

Prototype home awarded (highest possible)

Simple On-Site Assembly

Reduces framing costs, time to completion and site waste

Fully Recyclable

Made from partially recycled materials and is fully recyclable

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